Who am I?

My name is Hrvoje Čop. My first name is not really pronouncible if you don’t speak a Slavic language. Luckily most people know me by my last name which is pronounced ‘chop’. Online, I usually go by ‘chopmeister’ which is a really old nickname, but it’s cool because of the whole english/german combo and a faint similarity to a certain well known alcoholic beverage (which I despise, btw… I’m a beer kind of guy, just so you know, in case we meet somewhere).

I come from the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia. Beautiful is a relative term, I’m aware, but I’m biased.

I’m a 3d artist. Not really unexpected since this is a page about 3d stuff. I specialize in architectural and product visualization of all kinds, and I’m the CTO of Polymachine, probably the world’s smallest 3D company with a render farm.

I used to work with my friend Dean Niskota in his company Studio Niskota, and after a few years of busting our collective asses, we were joined by our long time business partner Martin Ferić, and together the three of us started Polymachine. And the rest is history as they say. Representing our small company, so far I was lucky to be given a chance to speak at the End User Event conference in Utrecht, D2 conferences in Vienna and Chaosgroup‘s CG2 and TotalChaos events in Sofia, and more recently State of Art in Venice as a collaboration with iToo Software (Whoever reads this and had sat through any of those – thank you, you’re the best!)

I’m a stickler for optimization (in plain English it means I’m lazy to do stuff I feel is stupid) and I have more hobbies and interests than I, or the bank computer managing my credit cards, can count. Some of those hobbies may appear on the site as well in due time but it’s to early to say.

I’m also a tech freak, and I love all things that have buttons, LEDs and such. And drones. Drones are awesome too. And 3d printers, let’s not forget those. I used to be active in the RepRap and Ultimaker communities, designing and developing parts for FDM 3d printers, but lately I simply don’t have time for that anymore. If you own an Ultimaker, you may have stumbled on some of my designs.

I regularly visit 3D conferences to meet up with the CG crowd, so if you find me at one, let me know you actually read this text and I’ll buy you a beer. Or you’ll buy me one. We’ll figure it out.

The lack of businesslike seriousness this text is brought to you courtesy of the fact I’m not looking for a job so I can write whatever I like. Cheers!